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Several athletes I work with talk about wanting to be the fastest player on the field. "Speed is KING"

Certainly, everyone has heard this saying from coaches, in movies, elite athletes, blah blah blah. But, if you want to get fast you need to better understand HOW to get fast (er).

Some athletes will approach this task by going out and running sprints... but are you sure that's the best use of your time and energy. A key component to getting better as an athlete is LEARNING how to improve on the weaknesses you have. Even, improving your strengths to help you stand out.

My guy at Sprint Project put together an outstanding video explaining how many athletes (and coaches) may make mistakes in getting faster:

Big takeaways:

-There is a need to develop elasticity for speed

-Strength is a key component to developing speed training for every athlete (in every sport where sprinting is involved)

-Creating more force = becoming faster than your competition

-Do not overlook the mobility needed to create appropriate angles and generate force

Ankle mobility

Hip mobility

Shoulder mobility

-Do NOT COACH – “pick up your knees” … instead focus on force into the ground

-Proactively drive down. May take some experience to better understand this cue

-Coaching cue – Slice the ground with your foot

-Understand cycling vs stabbing the ground when it comes to acceleration

Introduce tape drill for 1-3 steps to better understand foot landing

-If you want to learn how to get fast- you need to understand the training adaptations that occur regarding the force-velocity curve.

See JB for more information

Also -> refer here

-There is a time and a place for eccentrics

Most common in training: Nordic curls, RFESS w/ Heel elevated

-Horizontal strength exercises are of importance for SPEED

Get out there and train smart!

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