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When it comes to small group sessions the goal, for me, is to keep the groups SMALL. This is not a Boot Camp, Group Ex, or a cookie-cutter program. This service provides my clients the opportunity to receive 1-on-1 coaching within a team atmosphere. Our groups typically offer a 2-5 size session with motivated people interested in bettering their fitness. My training facility is designed to offer these sessions which is important so that there is a flow to the workouts and betters the training experience.

Five Benefits:

Community- Being surrounded by like-minded individuals provides an environment where you can be successful. There is always a jokester, a hard worker (usually the quiet one), a social butterfly, and plenty more. This brings a fun dynamic to your workouts that you will enjoy! By offering a sense of community, you will enjoy the training experience more than working out in your basement alone.

Results- “TRAINING” is a structured approach that provides results. As your body starts to adapt to the training program you will see and feel your success. It is my job to help you see this progress and in a small group atmosphere, we can almost always guarantee you will be successful. After 10 years of training experience, I can help you achieve your goals while enhancing your health.

Individualized Progress- By keeping the groups small (2-5 clients), each client can receive individualized attention. In every group, there will be an experienced client and a lesser experienced one. No matter the fitness level, everyone can benefit from coaching and a structure. It is my job to provide the right amount of coaching and the right TYPE of coaching to each person in the session. Some benefit from intrinsic coaching while others are extrinsically motivated.

We track INDIVIDUAL progressions each workout to ensure your progress is specific to your abilities and goals. This is where the tracking sheet comes in and progressive overload is important.

Cost efficient- Personal training or private training services typically range from $70 up to $125 per session in some instances. By training in a small group, you typically will pay $30-$50 a session. This provides opportunities for many clients to train multiple times a week and still feel the benefits of individual training, but can be more cost-effective.

Honorable mention:

It’s fun

It is motivating

You’ll feel support from the trainer AND from your workout group

Variety- each workout experience will vary depending on who is attending and the personalities

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