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While I understand not all of my athletes are Baseball players, I found this article to be very helpful for those of you traveling often this summer. The tips made by Cressey in this article can apply to all clients both adults and young athletes who are traveling whether it be for vacation, tournaments, or just looking to keep up you’re training during the warm summer months ahead.

Take some time to read through and make note of some of these tips that you can apply to your current routine or in the near future. Understand that traveling can take you out of your regular training routine but sometimes that can be a good thing. Don’t lose sight of the work you have put in and keep up the intensity as long as your body is willing.

» 8 Tips for Not Wasting Away During Summer Baseball (

Listen to your body!

Progress In the Gym Isn't Linear - Tony Gentilcore

All clients should read this and try to grasp this – Tony goes a great job making note of the ebbs and flows of training. This is certainly more important as your training experience/career extends and your progressions become smaller and smaller. After years of training consistently, there may only be a 5lb PR or a 2 rep PR and you will be ecstatic.

Clients who are new to training will see major success and constant change. This is part of why I love working with young athletes because they can experience the joys of a progressive training program. The changes in their body, the speed that they feel, and the increased muscle mass (“I’m getting YOKED”). Much of this comes from beginning a training program that is designed the correct way.

Understand there will be ups and downs to your workout routines. You will have little tweaks or plateaus. That is OKAY and that is normal. Don’t fall into the traps of the IG influencer who suggests every week you will be STRONGER than ever. It takes time.

“Fall in love with the process” and you will see the results.

Learn to Sprint Faster Without Actually Running - stack

Action-packed article for those athletes who are interested in learning more about speed training.

We do A LOT of marches, skips, wall drives, pogos ….. and variations. These drills are designed to help you move more efficiently, have better body awareness, and help you build better technique. Don’t overlook the fact that if you want to run faster… you have to run fast… ROCKET SCIENCE... I know

These drills will help you progress as an athlete, but they are not the end all be all. Learn them, work on them, and understand that they are all small steps (pun) to help you move forward. Some of the greatest athletes, some of the fastest athletes, are the most technically sound. Simple is smooth, smooth is fast.